Complete obesity management
Psycho therapy and counseling
Ayurvedic Psychiatry
Complete Neck- back and lower back pain management
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शरीरमाद्यं खलु धर्मसाधनम्

Are you thinking about the meaning of ‘Animo’ word?
‘Animo’ is a word from Italian and Latin language means – mind, heart, fill with breath, to make alive, to encourage, embolden, endow with temperament, endow with the spirit, nature, character, thoughts, courage, intention etc

Our clinic is all about 'Animo'

The tagline of All India Institute of medical science. Means – Body alone is the instrument of doing all duties/ deeds.
Animo clinic is leading independent psychiatric clinic with extensive outpatient facilities and the highest level of psychiatric care. The clinic has expertise and experience to deal with the wide range of psychiatric condition without drugs or medications.
no profession or socio-economic group in the world having immunized against psychological problems.

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We cover a big variety of medical services

Psychotherapy, counseling , hypnotherapy, obesity management, Complete back - and lower back pain management, Positive Psychiatry = Rs. 300/- per session.

Most affordable treatment in Pune.