Animo Mind Clinic, (sadashiv peth РTilak road)

Best sleep treatment clinic,

We are trying our best to maintain your physical and mental health.
Animo clinic is leading independent ayurvedic psychiatric and physical health clinic with extensive outpatient facilities and the highest level of care. The clinic has expertise and experience to deal with the wide range of psychiatric and physical-stress condition with ayurvedic medicine, counseling, and therapy.
no profession or socio-economic group in the world having immunized against psychological and physical problems.
Ayurvedic Psychiatric treatment
Cupping Therapy
Psycho therapy and counseling
thai massage
Sleep therapy
Are you thinking about the meaning of ‘Animo’ word?
‘Animo’ is a word from Italian and Latin language means – mind, heart, fill with breath, to make alive, to encourage, embolden, endow with temperament, endow with the spirit, nature, character, thoughts, courage, intention etc

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We cover a big variety of medical services


Most affordable treatment in Pune.

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